Shag Dance
How Long Does It Take to Learn?

Once you have decided to learn to dance, figuring out how many lessons to take is the next question. Private lessons are the fastest way to learn and we can tailor lessons and schedules to fit your time---Group lessons allow you get started on the basics with a group of other beginners...which most people enjoy for the additional social blend.  Which path you choose at first, the number of lessons you will need is dependent upon several factors including your dance goals, whether you want to do the basics or more fancy footwork and by your experience, coordination, natural rhythm and learning ability. 

To get started easily, Christina and Keith offer Basic Introduction Group classes which are  held once a week for 4 consecutivee weekly sessions--this is how most people get started in Shag. The pace is comfortable, the classes are usually very sociable; the lesson goal is an introduction to Shag basics to allow everyone learn a foundation and determine if they would like to continue instruction.  The majority of our Basic Introduction students continue with additional group instruction and a smaller number of that group typically move into private instruction also.

For those interested in private instruction or those with a specific agenda & timeframe--such as learning to dance for your wedding--Christina and Keith offer private and semi-private instruction. For weddings, they have First Dance Wedding Packages that include private lessons for you and your fiancé and help with music selection; we also commonly teach the families or friends in semi-private workshops to  help get everyone in the wedding party ready to get on the floor and join in the fun.  We also conduct semi-private workshops for social organizations, private parties, birthday parties, corporate functions and...for any group of people that would like to learn to dance together.

If you just want to get your feet wet , we recommend booking one of our group classes or a private lesson as an introduction.  In summary, Shag is like many other things in matter how much you learn there is always the opportunity to learn more--so to the question of how long does it take?  "We're not sure but we'll let you know if we get the meantime, come join us on the journey."